Tell your alderman you want street food—now!

This is the copy of the letter I sent to alderman Daniel S. Solis of the 25th Ward in Chicago. The letter was taken from Street Food Now, a Time Out Chicago movement to help bring mobile food trucks to the city of Chicago.

Here it is and if you live in Chicago and would like to do the same, please do so by looking up your alderman and copying the letter  and send it to their respective email address. You can find all of their information clicking here.


Dear Daniel S. Solis,

Do you eat? Then I need your help.

Food trucks are booming across America, bringing communities together in the name of creative, affordable food.

If you’re not aware of this trend, that’s understandable—this is an area where Chicago lags far behind cities such as Portland, OR, Seattle and New York.

But you can help us catch up.

See, Chicago has an unusual law that mobile food vendors can sell only pre-packaged food and cannot cook food on-site. Thereby, the only food trucks that are legal are nothing more than roving heat lamps. That’s not a safe environment for food. Nor is it a delicious one.

Chicago chefs are ready and eager to hit the streets and cook out of kitchens that are inspected just like restaurants. (In fact, one chef already has, but he’s getting hassled—click here to read more).

But they can’t do it until an alderperson (such as yourself) steps forward to support the movement by calling a public hearing on this issue and sponsoring an amendment to the current legislation, allowing food truck vendors to operate in Chicago as they do in countless other cities: as fully inspected, fully licensed mobile kitchens.

Mobile food vendors such as food trucks will strengthen our city’s economy, restaurant scene and international reputation. Therefore, we’re asking that you introduce legislation that will get these laws changed.

Together, we can make Chicago a better place. And eat some delicious street food while we’re at it.

Thank you,

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