Food Desert’s in Chicago

While picking up the RedEye yesterday I was sparked by the cover and its accompanying story; Chicago’s Food Deserts (see pages 6-7).

RedEye 8/9/10

Chicago's Food Deserts cover story in 8/9/10 edition of RedEye

I have often thought that food carts could be used to distribute fresh produce in under served areas of Chicago. This article backs up my thoughts in some ways. But instead of outfits like Peapod distributing fresh food, making it somewhat pricey to order and forcing you to be locked in to a specific bundle of products, their could be a cart that sells farm fresh delectables on an individual basis. This would also allow for menu changes that are more nimble on a day-to-day basis or even weekly. Of course, this would depend on what local farmers are producing and what is in season.

Chicago’s food deserts are a problem as it is with most big city’s. However, New York City has their own Green Cart program. They help put produce carts in their food deserts plus help entrepreneurs get started for a very affordable amount of capital. Check them out as I find that this would be nice to have in Chicago.

Share your thoughts on the growing problem of food desert’s in Chicago in the comments section.

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