Food Sanitation Manager Certification Passed

I realize I have been dark for what seems like a year but has only really been a month. In that time I have completed the ServSafe Food Sanitation Manager Certification class and passed! My certification should be coming in the mail in the coming weeks.

Now it’s time to work on a new business plan with a menu for a small catering company. We plan on testing it out first for friends and family to see how we like it and if we can handle the day-to-day along with having full-time jobs.

It should be an exciting time and I greatly appreciate all the support we have received thus far. Keep it coming and will share the progress as it rolls out.

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  1. Geena says:

    People who are pushing for food carts in Chicago might want to learn from the mistakes of Portland , currently. To have a successful, unbroken, non troubled food cart scene here in Chicago it MUST be a very structured roll out. ( no pun intended)
    I am a Chicagoan but owned the hottest and first gourmet foodcart in downtown Portland, Or. circa 2003 and 04. It can be great but it must be a carefully structured
    program. If so it can be a tremendous asset if not a nightmare. It is a very tricky way to sell food. I saw it all!
    Do NOT allow any of our untalented Chicago Alderman to touch the plans for it.
    Thst would be a grave mistake is my humble…Good Luck!

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