Additional Support to bring Mobile Food to Chicago

Looks like we are going to be moving forward with opening our own food business in the near future but it couldn’t have been done without your support and inspiration. Here are some more thoughts from you:

What types of food would you like to see served from food carts?

One reader had some very nice suggestions:

OBJECTIVE – Introduce healthier food and teach to each at least one
item of green vegetable.

Nepali Food – modified recipe
Chick peas curry (organic)
Goat meat curry (organic)
Grilled Chicken like shish kabobs (organic)
Vegetable (Mustard leaves) (organic)
Wheat roti – like tortilla (organic)
Quinoa Pilaf
Fresh fruits in cup
Yogurt (organic)
Cheeya (Nepalese Tea) (organic)


Hot Dog (organic) 99% fat free
Meat Pizza (organic)
Vegetable Pizza (organic)
Wheat Pasta with herbs, little cheese (organic)
Plain Soda
Sorbet – organic

From others:
– Everything delicious
– Roasted corn-on-the-cob!
– Hot dogs (of course)!
– Tamales, tacos & burritos
– Cold fresh cut fruit (fruit cups, fruit kabobs, etc.)
– Samosas!
– Pot stickers or pierogis
– Sausages like kielbasa or smoked sausage — on a stick!
– Big kosher pickles!
– Coffee, tea, gelato, sorbet, sammies, pizza, fruit, hummus, salads,
– Candy, cereal, bagels, EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD.

Do you want to see food carts on the streets of Chicago?

You said:

– Absolutely! It’s a big missing, especially in some areas where any kind of restaurant is hard to find!


– In strategic locations that make sense with traffic and pedestrian considerations so that it provides a needed service and not annoyance to local residents and businesses.

– Of course! Food carts make people happy!! They make me happy!!

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