More support to help bring food carts to Chicago

Thanks to all who have shown their support to help bring mobile food to the streets of Chicago. Over the past few months Flirty Cupcakes (Kudos to Tiffany and your team!) has launched with much success and a ton of press has been covering the issue. We just got word that we will be featured in the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce’s e-newsletter tomorrow showing all the support they have received for us.  Here are a few more comments we received from you:

What types of food would you like to see served from food carts?

You said:

– Like in NYC there are hot dog carts every block. Here I can’t find a Chicago style hot dog unless I go sit down somewhere. It’s lacking Chicago!

– Mexican!! Lived in L.A. and there were those awesome late night Mexican “roach coaches” we had all the time.

– Breakfast stuff for those commuters maybe

– Tacos, Vietnamese street food, GOOD hot dogs, chili and soups, Costa/Peurto Rican sandwiches

– Pizza, Hot dogs, Italian beef, Hannah’s Bretzel’s, XOCO, empanadas, pho, …..everything!

– Everything.

– Anything but hot dogs. The more creative the better.

– You can never go wrong with the Chicken Pita, Knish, Falafel, etc, the typical NYC food cart meals. The Hispanic neighborhoods it right with the Tacos, Tamales, and Elotes’. Chicago is the Midwestern melting pot, and most of these countries have outdoors markets and street cart vendors, why shouldn’t we. I think we should cover the spectrum for
the elasticities that make up our city!

– BBQ and hot dogs, fruit trucks, heck anything good and cheap.

Do you want to see food carts on the streets of Chicago?

You said:

– Yes!! Come on this is a Major city and we are getting the beat down from NYC and stupid L.A.!

– Yes, random corner carts could be great in certain neighborhoods

– In strategic locations that make sense with traffic and pedestrian considerations so that it provides a needed service and not annoyance to local residents and businesses.

– Of course! Food carts make people happy!! They make me happy!!

Keep the comments coming to help bring food carts to the streets of Chicago
so we can enjoy all the great culturally diverse food this city has to offer.

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