More support and comments to help bring mobile food to Chicago

Thanks to all who have shown their support so far to help bring mobile food carts to Chicago. Here are a few more comments we received and even one from Time Out Chicago.  So here they are:

What types of food would you like to see served from food carts?

You said:
– Anything & everything. The more creative the better. Tacos, desserts,
panini, sammies, french fries, donuts. Had amazing creative fare in
Austin. Think it is best left to the imagination of the small business
owner. I am sure there are people chomping at the bit to start food
trucks in this city, possibly me, also!

– Any kind! :-) from a reporter  for Time Out Chicago

– All types, local, organic, high end low end.

Do you want to see food carts on the streets of Chicago?

You said:

– Oh yes. carts, trailers, trucks, air streams, you name it. Food carts
at City Farmers Markets would be great, too, not just privately owned
markets like Green City & Logan Square. There is no reason this city
can’t pull this off. If LA & NY can, Chicago can.

– Yes!

– Yes. It is a great opportunity for small entrepreneurs

Keep the comments coming to help bring food carts to the streets of Chicago
so we can enjoy all the great culturally diverse food this city has to offer.

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