Some of your comments to help bring mobile food to Chicago

What types of food would you like to see served from food carts?

You said:
Mexican – tacos, tortas, tamales
American – burgers, hot dogs, brats
Miscellaneous – kabobs, Indian, Thai, Tex Mex, Vietnamese, crepes

Do you want to see food carts on the streets of Chicago?

You said:

— Yes. If NY has it why not Chicago? We are known for our great food. We need to have more people enjoy it :)

— Yes! Stimulate our local economy! Add more reasons to visit our city &
its neighborhoods! Create an advisory board made of successful food
entrepreneurs so the carts can be regulated with common sense by people
who actually work with food!

— Yes!

Keep the comments coming to help bring food carts to the streets of Chicago
so we can enjoy all the great culturally diverse food this city has to offer.

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