What types of food would you like from a cart?

Today we share a few comments and what types of food you would like to see served from a cart:

What types of food would you like to see served from food carts?

You said:

– Fresh fruits and vegetables.
– All types of quality food including gourmet hamburgers, burritos, skewers, hot dogs, falafel, sandwiches, etc
– Pastries and baked goods.
– Grilled Breakfasts, shwarma/kabobs, German food, knishes, etc.
– Indian and Middle Eastern food
– Hot wings, deli sandwiches and various salads
– Czech food like dumplings, schintzel and awesome desserts
– I would like to see foods that are created with locally grown and
locally produced products.

Do you want to see food carts on the streets of Chicago?

You said:

– Yes I do, Chicago is so behind in this area. For what reason I don’t
know, because it sounds like a money maker for the city
– Yes, not only would I like to see them legal in Chicago I would like
to own one of my own.

Thanks for all the support and keep spreading the word.

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